Our Thoughts on Architecture

How Dhaka Designer thinks about the responsibilities of an Architect

People have different views on architecture. They practice architecture differently. Some thinks architecture is about solving problems, which is true. Someone may think its all about art ! This can be true too. Architecture is about designing space, designing buildings cities and a lot more. Dhaka Designer also has its own vision on Architecture too.

We believe, Architecture is about Designing the Experience of the People

Its not like we don't think architecture is designing space or solving problems but we believe its time to think bigger now. Once upon a time, the job of an Architect was only to design buildings. We are those guys who take aesthetics with same seriousness like we take in functions. We are concerned about the experience of a place. Every type of Buildings or Places demand specific type of experience. A home should feel like home. A resort must feel like one. Both from interior and exterior. That is Architecture.

Architecture can happen on the road when someone think about the experience of the people and then design the road.